I train you to train your dog!

training programs & Walking Services


Well Mannered Dog Program

  • Two sessions

  • 90min. each

  • Ideal for covering issues such as jumping and house breaking problems

  • Cost: $400

Accomplished dog program

  • Three sessions

  • Two 90min./One 60min,

  • Ideal for covering issues such as leash pulling, nuisance barking, Drop It

  • Cost: $550

Dream Dog Program

  • Four sessions

  • Two 60min./Two 90min.

  • Ideal for covering issues such as leash reactivity, separation anxiety, and social anxiety

  • Cost: $700

Five Star dog boot camp program

  • 6 sessions

  • Introductory 90min.session / Subsequent sessions 60min.each

  • Ideal for the dog that wants to learn it all! In this program I focus on building a solid, structured foundation of rules and discipline by mastering: Place, Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come utilizing Distance, Duration, and Distraction protocols!

  • Includes basic tools and a complimentary follow-up session

  • Cost: $950

Bringing home Puppy

  • One session

  • 60-90min in length

  • Ideal for the client who is preparing to welcome a new furry family member into their home! I will cover what you need to know, what you should have prepared!

  • Cost: $175


Training Contract


Dog Walking & Puppy Play Time

It’s no secret that a well-walked pup is a happy pup! At Kate’s Canine’s, we believe that most behavioral issues can be avoided, or even solved, by incorporating a good structured walk into your dog’s routine. While you are at work, allow your dog to experience a one on one walking adventure with Kate. This individualized attention will ensure that your dog got the most out of his or her afternoon stroll, and you can feel happy knowing that you are giving your dog one of the best exercise experiences available! (Walking service available in Westchester County only)

Walking Programs:

  • $35 per half hour (M-F)

    -$10 charge for sibling dog

  • $45 per hour (M-F)

    -$15 charge for sibling dog

New Puppy….NOW WHAT??! Puppies are a lot of fun, and raising them can be a little overwhelming! Let Kate’s Canines alleviate some of that stress by helping you help your puppy become the most socialized pup in the neighborhood! While you are away, Kate and your puppy will play! Kate understands how critical this time of your dogs life is, which is why puppy care is one of her main passions!

Puppy Playtime Includes:

  • Outside potty break

  • Wee Wee pad change

  • Feeding & fresh water

  • Puppy games

    • $40, forty-five min. play window (M-F)